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You’ve heard it before: You only get one chance to make a first impression. And more often than not, that first impression is created online. The Internet is the first place people go for information on virtually everything. Which is precisely why an online presence is critical to any Jewish Federation.

33% of Jewish households relocate every five years. They need a community. And they look online to find it. A good website tells the world that you’re relevant. People looking for information expect to find it online, and so posting it online-on your own website-meets their expectations. Your website serves a variety of functions, from a virtual "info. hub"-listing event information or community resources-to a donor recognition tool. It can serve as a campaign resource for the Case for Giving and can also provide local news. Your website can also facilitate online registration for a particular event or open up a dialogue among browsers.

The Web can also be used for online giving. Online giving is the single cheapest, fastest, and most efficient fundraising vehicle in existence. And it’s only possible through the Internet. So if you don’t yet have a mechanism for collecting online donations (i.e., accepting credit cards), it’s time to start. And the best place to start is Fedweb.

Introducing Fedweb
Fedweb makes it easy to build and maintain a state-of-the-art website for your federation without learning complicated programming skills. In fact, the system is so easy to use that anyone with basic word processing skills should have no problem creating a savvy and inviting website in no time!

Over 115 federations across the country have discovered the benefits of building Jewish community online with Fedweb. Converting from a static site to a Fedweb site results in an average 35% increase in visitors.

What Is Fedweb?
  • A system that allows every local federation to create a unique Web presence.
  • A cost effective solution managed by JFNA and available to federations and agencies for a low monthly fee.
  • A community builder to reach out to new constituents.
  • A content provider with a shared content library.
  • An e-commerce system that allows for secure online transactions.
  • A system that lets federations track results.

Donations, Donations, Donations
As of December 2007, 120 federations are processing credit card payments online for campaign contributions and event registration:

  • $11.2 million has been processed through Secure e-commerce
  • Over 40,000 individual transactions
  • $275 average online donation

We’re Here to Help
Joining Fedweb means you get a stylish, accessible website AND technical support from JFNA phone and email. We also hold quarterly calls with site administrators so you can find out about what other federations are doing on their sites. Fedweb is hosted by NTT/Verio, which offers redundant, load-balanced servers, unlimited bandwidth and content pages, and dedicated technical support. Since its inception, Fedweb has achieved greater than 99.5% uptime.

So what are you waiting for? Contact or call 212-284-6580 to start building the Fed Website of your dreams.

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